• Compact dimensions, maximum maneuverability, highest traction and a powerful drivetrain are the main features of the newly engineered modular baggage and cargo tow tractor family »SHERPA«. Customize your own baggage and cargo tow tractor fleet: With weights from 4 t to 8 t, three diesel engine options and three different cabin versions, the »SHERPA« D is a powerful and reliable support. Built with driver comfort and safety in mind, this new line of tow tractors combines modular design with extremely robust components for optimal performance. Sophisticated services top off the vehicle concept.

Ground Support Equipment


  • This brand-new, fully electric baggage and cargo tow tractor comes with the same high levels of comfort, safety and flexibility as our »SHERPA« D models. Additionally, thanks to its highly efficient, low maintenance 400 V lithium-ion battery, less time is needed for charging and it is significantly more efficient (over 30%) than a lead acid battery. It guarantees 60-80% energy savings compared to similar diesel-powered vehicles and thus allows multi shift operations. The emission free »SHERPA« E can be operated both inside and outside of buildings and does not require a dedicated charging infrastructure. The low maintenance vehicle is topped off with an elaborate service concept