Composite Repair System

Hot Bonders

Hot bonders provided by HEATCON Composite Systems are used to control localized heat sources for a wide variety of manufacturing and repair applications which require the curing of prepregs, resins or adhesives. This equipment supports the ‘out-of-autoclave or oven’ processing and is especially useful for remote repair, and secondary curing applications in the manufacturing environment


Composite Repair System

Heat Blanket

HEATCON silicone rubber heat blankets are specifically designed for the repair of composite structures using vacuum bagging techniques. The unique construction of our heat blankets allows you to apply uniform heat exactly where you want it. Our design employs a grid of resistance wire and fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber that provides strength, flexibility, and even heat distribution.

Composite Materials

HEATCON Composite Systems is an authorized distributor for HEXCEL and 3M. Our materials are inspected and arrive with the appropriate quality assurance paperwork. In addition to offering a wide range of material types, we provide the service you need that best fits your environment and job.